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I work in Newark but live in SC — it's cheaper to commute by plane

This intern is going to new heights for her job because, she claims, the 600-mile commute is more affordable than paying rent.

Woman has 'worst flight of her life' after being given wrong food on 15-hour journey

From Dubai to diarrhea — this plane ride devolved into a real s--t show. The content creator caused a stink — literally and figuratively.

Warning signs I didn’t spot before finding an engorged tick on my scrotum

The Post's Ben Cost potentially put his life, and manhood, on the Lyme to find out about the uptick in tick-borne disease across New York State.

My family hates my exotic body modifications — but men can’t resist my charm

She altered her body — and upped her body count: "My tattoos made me an exotic lover to those one-night stands."

I’m a demonologist — this is what really motivates serial killers

A self-described "demonologist" is speaking out about what motivates serial killers after decades spent studying murderers and performing exorcisms across the US.

Shark fatally clubbed on camera as revenge for death of Russian tourist

Footage captured the brutal moment that a tiger shark was caught and clubbed to death in an apparent revenge killing after Russian tourist Vladimir Popov was killed during a "meat...

I bought a $50 leather chair — and resold it for a whopping $100K

"When I first saw the chair, I loved the color of leather, and I thought it had a really interesting shape," Justin Miller told The Post.

'It's eating his remains now': Russian man gobbled up in a shark attack in Egypt

A video circulating online that appears to be of the attack shows a huge splash and commotion in the water as the man is dragged under.

I have the secret to a perfect night's sleep — dress up like a 'hostage'

"Even watching other people put on mouth tape makes me feel like I'm suffocating," confessed one TikToker.

I feed my dates $1 meals — romance doesn't have to be expensive

"Pretty sure she's gonna get a restraining order on me if I cook this s--t for her," one aghast TikTok user commented.

Nursing home mocked after naming itself 'Skeleton Court' in bus stop ad blunder

One stunned man spotted the grave mistake on a bus stop billboard and shared a photo to Twitter.

Vegas police spot suspected UFO — as residents claim to see '8-foot' aliens

"They’re 100% not human," a resident told police.

I dropped out of college — and made $3M in 6 months

"The intentional actions, the positive mindset, and actually living in what you say you're going to do — that's how we made $3 million," Inayah McMillan explained.

Teen drains family's savings of $64K — by buying mobile games

"I never thought a 13-year-old girl could do this," the teen's mom said. "I'm in a daze; my head feels like it's going to explode."

I'm obsessed with 'Titanic' — my collection includes 1,560 VHS tapes

And just this year, JD filmed himself calling James Cameron in a viral TikTok.

My boyfriend's so cheap he peels bananas before weighing them at grocery

An Australian influencer's "fruitgality" is getting ripped online for peeling off into "cheapskate" territory.

This gas station pumps out Cheez-It crackers instead of gasoline

A new gas station that opened up in Joshua Tree, California, doesn't pump petrol, but rather Cheez-It crackers.

I'm a naked gardener — some raise their eyebrows but I feel free

The plant-lover has racked up more than 233,000 followers on YouTube thanks to videos that show her gardening while topless.

Farm offers alpaca weddings: Animals don bow ties to mingle with guests

"It really does make some of the pictures really magical, especially if you're an animal lover," the owner said.

‘Hot Girl Summer’ trend iced out by ‘Women’s Winter’: ‘Everyone is suffering here’

As temperatures heat up, women of the workforce are hoarding forgettable knitwear and throwaway throws in a desperate bid to stave off overzealous office air conditioning.