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Hotels reveal most bizarre room service requests — including 'diet' water

Nearly 500 hotels around the world were surveyed in April, with the poll finding the demand for room service is on the rise at 45% of participating US hotels.

US issues travel advisory for this Caribbean country in wake of violence, sex assault concerns

“The wide availability of weapons, the use and trade of illicit drugs, and a weak criminal justice system contribute to the high level of criminality on the broader scale.”

US, European hotel room rates could keep rising amid growing demand: industry executives

Supply is not expected to pick up significantly for the next year or two, IHG Hotels and Resorts CEO Keith Barr said.

Wild goat pushes woman off cliff, knocks friend unconscious in rampage

It was a baaaaaaad situation.

Bedbugs at airport gate kick off summer of travel hell

Bed bugs were cleared for landing in Hawaii last week.

I was airlifted 800 miles off a cruise over a misdiagnosis — and missed my anniversary

A vacationer in the UK claimed that he was unwillingly airlifted to a hospital 800 miles away after the vessel's physician mistook his "pulled muscle" for a serious infection.

Study finds which snacks make or break a road trip

It’s not the destination that matters most — more than two-thirds of Americans believe snacks can make or break a road trip.

I took my dead sister on vacation — people say I'm crazy but it gave me closure

A grieving woman said that she found closure from her sibling's unexpected death by taking her ashes on a trip to Las Vegas.

This summer's 'it' bag? A polyester carry-on that fits everything

Jet-setters? More like trendsetters.

I’m a ‘passport bro’: We want 'traditional' wives, not ‘mail order brides’

"A lot of women overseas are taught from a young age from their mothers and other members of their family how to treat a man and how to make their...

Flight delayed as 'intoxicated' passenger offends 'everybody!'

The unidentified woman was caught on camera berating other travelers prior to takeoff from an airport in California.

Guy Fieri restaurant roasted by diners: 'McDonald's has better service'

Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen, is being bashed by patrons for their bad service: "Total disappointment and shame to such a great brand."

Which Cabo? An insider's guide to Baja for East End addicts

Thanks to daily JetBlue flights, New Yorkers can head to Los Cabos in Mexico -- previously a tough destination to fly to -- where there's plenty fun on tap.

Pharrell's fave hatter creates Mexico resort lid -- and it's not a sombrero

Las Ventanas al Paraíso resort has launched new partnership with French-American fashion designer Nick Fouquet, known for making custom hats for A-list clients.

How to have a swish Swiss-style adventure in this secret Utah valley

The Heber Valley has big alpine allure, with Swiss-influenced architecture and dining, thanks to its original Swiss settlers from the 1860s and 1870s.

A kid started 'planking' on plane seats midway through my flight and his parents did nothing: 'They gave up'

Posting a photo on Reddit, it was simply titled, "This kid was running up and down the aisle, and using the seats as his own personal jungle gym."

Why this airline is asking to weigh passengers before flying

Air New Zealand announced that they will begin weighing passengers before some international flights.

Giant great white shark captured by daring diver with fish-eye view: video

An underwater tour guide filmed the moment a great white came within feet of his person during a sharking expedition.