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Radical football helmet design may prevent concussions: Stanford study

The newly designed football helmet could significantly reduce the deaths attributed to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

New drug to treat marijuana addiction proves effective in small trial

“This is one of the very few medications that I’ve tested to directly decrease the effects of cannabis," said the study's lead author.

Warning signs I didn’t spot before finding an engorged tick on my scrotum

The Post's Ben Cost potentially put his life, and manhood, on the Lyme to find out about the uptick in tick-borne disease across New York State.

I accidentally lost 40 pounds — the 3 things that were holding me back

“I had no idea that these things would help me lose weight,” added the Gen Zer, “but they did.”

A key ingredient in energy drinks may be an 'elixir of life,' study finds

The fountain of youth might be in your refrigerator right now: Red Bull, Monster Energy and more.

Can't sleep? Why a sex romp is as good as any sleeping pill — especially if you orgasm

Sleeping pills aren't as good as sex when it comes to getting some shuteye, a new survey reveals.

My teenage weight loss surgery saved my life — and I'm not alone

Mariana Castrillon, 19, of The Bronx, lost 90 pounds after undergoing a procedure in 2021.

Any amount of alcohol could increase risk of over 60 diseases: study

"It is becoming clear that the harmful use of alcohol is one of the most important risk factors for poor health, both in China and globally," said senior study author...

Kids with anxiety are more likely to be prescribed drugs than therapy

A new study showed that although the number of kids with anxiety disorders has risen since 2006, children receiving counseling has decreased.

I’m a neuroscientist — avoid these 3 habits to ‘keep your brain young’

The robust human brain is what sets us apart from all of life on Earth — so you'd be wise to protect it.

My breasts are so big they won't fit in my car — I want bigger implants

Amber May, a 23-year-old OnlyFans model from England, has size 36NN breasts that make it hard for her to drive her car.

'High-risk exposure': Mayo Clinic staff tests for bacteria with 50% fatality rate

An Arizona laboratory exposure to a deadly bacteria had the potential to cause severe illness or death to lab employees.

Heart failure can be reversed with natural antibodies found in survivors: study

"This work not only represents a major breakthrough in our understanding of cardiac amyloidosis, but crucially opens up new possibilities for more effective treatment options."

'Big Penis USA' pills pose 'serious risk': government health alert

Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is warning people to stop taking "Big Penis USA" pills after finding that they contained an undeclared libido-booster.

How curly hair boosted brain growth by keeping early humans cool

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University were intrigued by the fact that humans are unique among mammals with an almost hairless body but a hair-covered scalp.

'Generation COVID' attention spans are 'shorter than ever' thanks to TikTok

According to a new survey, UK teachers blamed the uptick of social media use for students' inattention.

ChatGPT may know more than your doctor about smoking, suicide and sex

Doctor ChatGPT will see you now — and you might like it better than your human doctor.

What is diet 'sabotage'? How your friends and family might be making you fat

"Many do not welcome such changes and may, consciously or subconsciously, try to derail a person's attempts to lose weight in order to keep things the way they are," said...

Two new cancer pills show ‘unprecedented’ results in boosting survival rates and preventing recurrence

Potentially "practice-changing" results from two new cancer drug studies were introduced at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)’s annual meeting this week in Chicago.