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I'm 40 and aging backward — my tips and tricks are free

“For me, aging is a privilege and a blessing and I’m doing it well — I am aging well. And, to be honest with you, I think I’m aging backward."

Hamptons shopping: The best new luxury stores and pop-ups for 2023

The mom-and-pop shops that used to pepper East End hamlets are now few and far between, as global and West Coast brands open shiny new boutiques in the area. But...

Tina Turner was 'as famous for my legs as much as my voice'

"I only had my legs on show so much as it made it much easier to dance," added the "Legs" singer.

Sydney Sweeney is ready for Hot Girl Summer

After two Emmy noms for her roles on “The White Lotus” and “Euphoria,” Sydney Sweeney has become a red-carpet fixture (including most recently in a bustier slip dress at the...

Lauren Cohan on her new show, ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City'

There’s something special about New York City just before dawn, says Lauren Cohan. “It’s a different kind of beauty, empty and desolate. You get the romance of your own relationship...

Gen Z has canceled skinny jeans — here's what's replacing them

Get the skinny on the latest fashion trend.

I'm judged for my big boobs — I can’t wear a bikini without getting bad looks

A woman on TikTok has taken to the platform to air out her thoughts about people staring at her for simply having a larger chest.

Who wore it better? Rescue dogs turn heads in celebrity Met Gala couture

They're dressed to the canines.

Cryotherapy puts obesity on ice: new weight-loss study

Cryotherapy, which uses a freezing cold chamber, might help treat obesity and high cholesterol: "The improvements in blood fats and glucose were particularly striking."

Katy Perry's 'American Idol' finale dress roasted: 'She at a swim meet?'

Katy Perry made quite a splash.

Gen Z is going out in their underwear in bold fashion statement

"My friends often tell me, 'Your tit is out' and I'm like, 'Oops,'" says one young woman.

My wedding dress was donated to Goodwill by accident — and I really want it back

Southern California native Rebecca Nguyen was left devastated after realizing a family member accidentally donated her wedding dress to Goodwill – and now she's asking the public for help getting...

Camilla's coronation designer reveals insider secrets about the process

Bruce Oldfield, who designed the dress for Queen Camilla's coronation ceremony, recently shared some more details about the design and the day.

I got 'painful' lip filler — I can't close my mouth months later

"It is important to research the person, don't just go off social media pictures like I did," Harriet Green advises.

Shoeless hunks reclaim 'hot girl' season

“I generally don’t wear shirts or shoes, honestly,” musician Mike Sabath said. “I just feel more free.”

Tiffany customers ditching blue bags for plain ones as NYC crime soars

A number of luxury retailers along Fifth and Madison Avenues are taking the step to help calm skittish shoppers' nerves.

I was so ugly I bought a new face for over $30K — I don't recognize myself

A woman admitted to spending over $30,000 on a new face because she claims she was "ugly."

Gen Z claims this beauty trend improves mental health: 'I can literally trick my brain'

They’re coloring themselves happy. 

I spent $50K to look like Nicki Minaj — my goal is to have a bubble butt

"I want to be a real-life doll, with a very sexy body, and a very juicy, big bubble butt," Rudy Villalobos said.