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State Farm ceasing new applications in Calif. for property insurance due to 'historic' construction costs, wildfire risk

The insurance giant cited 'historic' construction costs increases and inflation.

San Francisco Old Navy to become latest store to shut down in crime-ridden city

"Old Navy is always evaluating its real estate portfolio to ensure a healthy fleet of stores that can provide the best possible experience for our customers."

Musk cheers approval to test brain implants on humans -- some decry as 'too intrusive'

Although the sign-up for the clinical trial has yet to be released, some were not keen on being part of the clinical study.

JPMorgan slashed close to 500 jobs this week: report

The moves comes as JPMorgan Chase axes employees of First Republic Bank, which it recently acquired.

News Corp CEO warns AI could 'fatally undermine' journalism

Thomson, CEO of The Post's parent company, cited "extreme revenue pressure" and "the uncertain macroeconomic times ahead" for the news business.

Dollar Tree may be raising prices due to crime as profits fall

CFO Jeff Davis said they are taking 'all the appropriate steps' to mitigate the theft.

Lauren Boebert calls for North Face boycott over 'Summer of Pride' ad with drag queen Pattie Gonia

Republican Colorado representative Lauren Boebert expressed her outrage over The North Face's "Summer of Pride" ad on Twitter, calling on social media users to boycott the brand like they are...

Bud Light truck drivers have been flipped the bird, called homophobic slurs in wake of Dylan Mulvaney fiasco

"I feel like my main supplier has put the wholesalers and their employees in a really bad spot," the head of an Anheuser-Busch beer distributor said.

eBay founder gives nearly $2M to defund police — while funding private security startup

Pierre Omidyar reportedly forked over $500,000 to organizations that protested the police-involved killing of George Floyd in 2020 through his charitable group.

US price index jumped in April along with consumer spending

A key index of US prices ticked higher in April, and consumer spending rebounded, a sign that inflationary pressures in the economy remain high.

Right-wing investment fund dumps Target stock over 'woke' agenda, adds retailer to 'refuse to buy' list

American Conservative Values ETF divests all Target holdings, puts retailer on blacklist amid LGBTQ merchandising controversy.

Ron DeSantis 'not a big social media guy' after glitch-ridden Twitter campaign launch: 'Would rather watch' cable

Ron DeSantis said choosing to launch his presidential campaign on Twitter was "an example of conservatives having a voice again and fighting back against the intrenched legacy media."

Elon Musk's Neuralink gets FDA approval for human test of brain implants

Neuralink is developing a brain implant it hopes will help paralyzed people walk again and cure other neurological ailments.

NY Times reporter claims iconic NYC wine store stiffed him out of $6,300 in pricey wines

After paying in advance for the 48 bottles of Bordeaux, Stewart also bought futures for 2016 and 2019 blends -- which were scheduled to be delivered in 2019 and 2022,...

Formula 1’s growing audience in the US revs up advertisers as celebs, moguls flock to sport

Formula 1 is racing into the winner’s circle with major advertisers and titans of industry as the wildly popular global sport gains traction with fans in the US.

Ted Cruz is preparing his own TikTok clampdown after Montana's ban: sources

In addition to Cruz, US Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-Wash.), who chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is drafting a similar bill and others may be in the works, sources...

JPMorgan to ax 1,000 First Republic jobs as integration begins: report

Jamie Dimon's bank has offered employment to nearly 85% of First Republic employees in a transitional or full-time role.

Twitter’s new CEO pushed NBCUniversal to buy the site years ago: sources

According to insiders, the hard-charging exec had pushed her former employer NBCUniversal to consider acquiring the social media platform multiple times. 

Nike backs Bob Iger in DeSantis' Disney feud following Dylan Mulvaney ads

Nike CEO John Donahoe said that companies should "stand up for your values" if politicians like DeSantis decide to target "woke" companies.

Burger King ordered to pay whopping $8M to man who fell on 'foreign substance'

The verdict is one of the largest slip and fall verdicts in Florida's history, the plaintiff's attorneys said.