Stormy Daniels regrets coming forward about alleged Trump affair: ‘It was just for nothing’

Stormy Daniels regrets ever coming forward about her alleged quickie with former President Donald Trump — accusing his “sycophants” of even attacking her horse.

The dejected-sounding porn star admitted on UK TV that she fears Trump, 76, will “get away with” the criminal charges he faces tied to alleged hush-money payouts to hide a tryst ahead of the 2016 election.

“I spoke my truth, but it was just for nothing,” Daniels, 44, complained on “Good Morning Britain” Wednesday.

“I just feel like if people don’t want to face facts and see the truth … then you know what, I’d rather have had the time back with my family,” she said, without elaborating on why she now feels Trump may get off.

“I almost feel like humans aren’t really worth saving at this point,” she said dejectedly.

“Truth doesn’t seem to matter.”

Trump became the first current or former American president to be hit with criminal charges when he was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury last month.

Screenshot of Stormy Daniels on "Good Morning Britain" on Wednesday.
Daniels sounded dejected as she said she “spoke my truth, but it was just for nothing.”
Good Morning Britain

The former commander-in-chief pleaded not guilty to the 34 felony charges tied to hush-money payments made at the height of his 2016 presidential campaign.

Daniels revealed the alleged attack on her horse when asked why she felt it had been pointless coming forward.

“Because I’m the one that gets the messages from his supporters. I was one whose horse was attacked a couple of weeks ago,” she replied.

She did not say if the horse was hurt, or if it was Redemption, the gifted gelding she was riding when news broke of Trump’s indictment.

Daniels just said they “climbed my fence” to get to the horse, saying: “Trump supporters.”

Stormy Daniels horse Redemption.
Daniels previously said she was riding her horse Redemption (above) when news broke of Trump’s indictment.
Stormy Daniels/Instagram
Stormy Daniels' horse Redemption.
She did not elaborate on whether Redemption was the attacked horse, or exactly how the horse was attacked.
Stormy Daniels/Instagram

“They’ve gone after friends and family,” she said — again detailing death threats against her, including someone who “just literally said that they’re gonna come to my house with slit my throat.”

Asked if she has repeated the attacks to the police, she replied: “Of course!” But she warned that “we all should be” frightened of the former president’s most rabid followers.

“I’m not frightened of him. He doesn’t scare me at all,” she insisted of Trump, whom she also called “repulsive and offensive” for allegedly having sex with her when he was married and “more than twice my age.”

Trump with Stormy Daniels on the night she alleges they had sex.
She called Trump “repulsive and offensive” for their alleged quickie when he was a much older married man.
Stormy Daniels

“I’m frightened of his sycophants and his followers, and it’s the tone that has changed” now that her allegations have led to charges that threaten to derail Trump’s 2024 run for the White House.

“In 2018, when the story first broke about me, of course I was attacked — I was called a slut and a gold digger and, and all of these horrible things that I probably can’t say on TV,” she said.

“But now they’ve become bold. And they’ve changed — their threats are more real,” she added, saying threats come from “real accounts” and “real phone numbers.”

Trump in Manhattan criminal court.
Daniels said the threats have become more sinister since the indictment was filed against Trump, seen here in court.

“They feel empowered because he has incited these riots,” she said of Jan. 6, again comparing her most terrifying menacers to “suicide bombers.”

“It’s out of control.”